7 Vibes Journey is conducting basic research on music effects

February 6th, 2019 | Zurich

Music was born into this world with the emergence of the human race. The knowledge of the effects of music on the human is ancient and was part of tribal rituals of the first humans. Drums and singing were used to call on the gods and set the members of tribe in to a trance.

And with the first human beings, music also developed itself and came to be, as it is known nowadays in the modern times. This awareness of the effects of music on our mood, our body and our environment is deeply engraved into our genes. The exact causes and mechanisms behind all the musical phenomenons are still widely unknown.

Can science help us reveal the last secrets, that music vibrations still hold? In cooperation with European scientists, 7 Vibes Journey is researching the correlation between music frequencies and their cause on human beings.

The results of the research, are implemented in the 7 Vibes Journey music and are published at partner research centers.

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