From zero to hero

Every Vibe has its own ambience, emotion and tempo.
An evening experience in the club from relaxation and unwinding up to dance and party with electronic live music and light design. It's a Journey where you are invited to Float, Explore, Rise, Release, go Beyond, seek Light and feel Home.

1. FLOAT Relaxation (Zero-Tempo)

2. EXPLORE Slow Movement (Chill-Tempo)

3. RISE Gentle Dance (Down-Tempo)

4. RELEASE Energetic Dance (Mid-Tempo)

5. BEYOND Intensive Dance (Up-Tempo)

6. LIGHT Celebration (Epic-Tempo)

7 vibes journey the seven Vibes

6. The Vibe For Celebrating

7. HOME Connection (Zero-Tempo)

7 vibes journey the seven Vibes

7. The Vibe For connection & Hanging Out

The best way to feel 7 Vibes Journey, is simply to experience it.

Music and dance are the proof
that the human race is greater than it knows.

faro alip 7 vibes journey

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7 vibes journey road way

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home

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