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7 vibes journey zurich

It all started 2017 in a small studio in the heart of Zurich, a playground of creative energy by Faro Alip and Isabel Beyeler, where dreams took shape. They had the idea of creating a Journey in a conscious space through electronic music, movement and art. Soon their mutual interest for the idea led them to set up private gatherings at the studio and share it with friends. By time the whole experience was born and the seven states of the Journey formed. About two years later the community grew and the concept took place at underground venues in the city. Finally in 2020, 7 Vibes Journey launched its monthly series at the legendary Hive club in Zurich and in 2023 at the well known Viertel Klub in Basel. Today a crew of local musicians, dancers, artists, performers and technicians​​ keep up the vision with their devotion and talents.

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